Occupy your Imagination

“Why aren’t you at Occupy, this is the closest thing we have seen to a revolution in this country in our lifetimes”  Ezra was asking me the same question i have been asking myself.

And of course i have been a couple of times and am likely to start going into Cville most Fridays to dig in deeper.  But where i have most been Occupying is in my imagination.

So you really want to do something to help Occupy, but you have a straight job and a crowded life?  What i would suggest is you organize with your friends who are also sympathetic to do some type of performance at the Occupy near you.  It does not have to be very fancy or long, and you could work from a script if you needed to.   But even more important that the weather in determining the longevity of Occupy, is how good a time people are having at these events.  It is in essence a funology problem.

Of course there are a lot of factors, people really want to creatively express their political upset and Occupy is providing a great vehicle for this.

break up letter with the system

There are problems with homeless people (especially mental health problems and how they integrate or dont with the occupiers.  The police are varying degrees of headachy.  The weather is getting colder.  And what will hold people to these actions is in part the extra-ordinary things which are happening at these occupy events – the conversations, the generosity, the sense of accomplishment, the feeling that this is an important moment in history.

Nov 2 Occupy Oakland Demo

Occupy Oakland has been the source of much inspiration to me.  After being brutally attacked by the police, who tried to disperse the action including putting Scott Olsen in critical condition.  The movement bounced back and not only retook the space.  But upped the ante closed down a Wells Fargo Bank, called a general strike and closed the port of Oakland.

Stay tuned more on this topic shortly.