We dont need to know

China has halted its nuclear expansion program until it can do a thorough review of its safety systems.  ”We will temporarily suspend approval of nuclear power projects, including those in the preliminary stages of development,” the statement said. “We must fully grasp the importance and urgency of nuclear safety, and development of nuclear power must make safety the top priority.” the official government statement reads.

Germany says it will “speed up” efforts to abandon nuclear power.  PM Merkel says “when, in Japan, the apparently impossible becomes possible, then the situation changes”.  Until now she had bee a staunch nuclear supporter.

Italy will likely abandon its planned referendum on reintroducing nuclear power, which had been planned for June of this year.  Just after Chernobyl Italy took the most dramatic national step and shuttered 3 operating reactors based on a popular moratorium in 1987.

Switzerland suspended its plans for new reactors Only last month did the swiss narrowly pass a referendum to replace an old reactor with a new one.  It seems unlikely this plan will go forward now.

Here in the US (and my home state of Virginia) things are different.

Gov McDonnell said the state should continue to push for more nuclear power. “All energy development is inherently dangerous.”

US Energy Secretary, Chu said  that the presidents’s budget calls for $36 billion for loan guarantees for new reactors.  ”The presidents budget is what it is.”  He said the “That position has not been changed.”