June is Red

Non-coincidentally Red is approximately the Czech month name for June (and by some translations July is “Redder”). It is also the month Red got accepted as a full member here. Red is a slightly larger than life character, and this is a size we occasionally struggle with here on the egalitarian commune. Red is talented with materials and renovated several vacant and ugly rooms in the community and made them highly desirable with furniture and improved window frames and funky curvy lots. Red also ran into trouble with this project, because once he took down the ceiling he realized a fire barrier was needed in a tricky place and getting the materials and installing it took weeks instead of the originally forecasted days. Red cleverly “painted” the red barn with clay, but when a visitor took many hours for this fun project some were agitated with Red.

Red is great with kids. He and Willow are fast friends and he is stepping in for Trout during his absence and getting Willow to catch fish in the pond and cook them to be a side dish at ZK dinner the day they catch them. [Which if they can feed more than 5 people can be taken by Willow as "food" credit.]

How appropriate and clever that perhaps 500 years ago the Czechs thought to name this month in commemoration of Red’s new full membership. [Which is the equivalent of of being granted tenure here in the community.]