Cards Against Humanity

As a funologist, part of my tool kit is games.  And i like games.  And recently i have been laughing quite a bit over a game called Cards Against Humanity, which i had never even heard of a week ago.

Single question with multiple answers from Cards Against Humanity

Single question with multiple answers from Cards Against Humanity

The game is elegantly simple.  There are black question cards and white answer cards.  You get ten answer cards and replace one for each question card read.  For each question card that is selected by each player in turn you provide your best answer card.  ”Best” is defined perhaps as the one which the reader (who selects the winner) will find most funny or thought provoking or gross.    It is a relative of mad libs and the card game Apples to Apples, if you are familiar with those.

When we first started playing the game i search (as i oft do) for a political slant.  The game authors make it a bit easy because they go after Glen Beck in a couple of the answer cards.  And there is no shortage of scatological, sophomoric and off color jokes.   It is also often funny.

i wrote 50 answer cards tonight for the  new internal version we are creating.  [The Twin Oaks internal version is called Cards Against Community.  Acorn does not have a name for our game yet.  The internal version uses the same format and refers to things which Acorner’s know about like Daniel’s moped gang and bacon that got cooked for 12 hours.  My favorite card of my design (which is unusually long) refers to something that has not happened, but many people could imagine.

GPaul ranting and gesticulating weirdly describing robots which can completely disassemble themselves and then put themselves back together.