Celebrity Ball

When i found out the editor of the Cville Hook had invited all the Occupy Cville 18 arrestees to their swanky, free bar, dress up dance party i knew i had to go (even tho i dont actually drink).  I was running late (as i often am) and dashed up to Commie Clothes to try to find something that looked nice in the moments before i wanted to be on the road.  When i got to the top of the stairs i was in the costume section where i wanted to find the big Yin Yang hat that i often wear.  Instead i found a Dr Suess refugee hat, which i donned and then saw the answer to all my problems: A spider costume jacket.

The thought flashed thru my head.  “i can spend 10 minutes looking thru formal clothes and trying to make myself look respectable OR i can just grab the first spider costume i see.”  I put it on, it fit well, the 4 add on arms were high functioning – and i was off to the Franklin theater.

Sara hates posed pictures, but likes ones where we are kissing

The party was a C- on a funological scale.  They failed (despite having a reasonably good live band) to get any number of the scores of participants on the dance floor.  The 4 Occupy arrestees and their friends were most often dancing with few others.   They had minimal food for vegetarians (when i got there at 8) and the DJ did not get the clue that no one dancing to your techno means it is not a techno crowd and you should shift styles.

What they did right was inviting a fair few beautiful and perhaps interesting people.  Being generous with the alcohol and food offerings they made.  Giving away free pictures like the one depicted above and the Franklin is a great venue for a party which has dancing, even if they did not manifest it this evening.

The Occupy kids i was with wanted to do a mic check to get people onto the dance floor, which i thought was a funological long leaver.  But we were not a big enuf group and when i tried to explain it to the sound guy, he kept saying they did not have microphones.

The reporter from Cville Channel 19, Jessica, who knew Sara from many Occupy interviews and asked me if we were dating after she saw us kissing on the dance floor (another sign of a suffering party – no one other than us was kissing).  When i told her we had been together for 2 years was clearly surprised and it seemed like impressed.  Me too.