Solidarity/New Economics Symposium

These seedlings will be planted in the garden soon!

The Monday program is starting to take shape!  This is going to be a high powered and dynamic day covering a wide range of topics about Solidarity/New Economics. We’ve got a range of presenters confirmed that we’re very excited about.  We’ll get to hear stories from the front lines by groups including The Baltimore Free Farm, Casa Alma, and The Midden.

Community Autonomy_1We’ll get a regional perspective from Solidarity Piedmont, who are doing some interesting online mapping of the new economy in their region. We’ll also have a presentation by Lyle Estill, author of several books and co-founder of several businesses, who will help give us the big picture.


The program will be a mix of presentations, panel discussions and knowledge cafe-style interactions by presenters and participants alike.  While we will have some straight ahead presentations we also want to draw out the wide range of wisdom and experience that we know many of the participants will bring.