Death City

In 1982, before the phone company had been broken up, i went to apply for credit at the AT&T offices in our nations capital.

A couple of weeks before i had gotten a job at BDM corporation which is a technical services company located near Tysons Corner in Virginia. In other words this was a defense contractor AKA a beltway bandit.

A pleasant woman from the phone company asked me a series of questions to determine if i was eligible for credit from one of the worlds largest regulated monopolies.

She asked me where i worked and i replied simply “BDM”
“And what do you do?” She asked.

“We kill people.” i replied

She without pausing, she dutifully wrote down my answer.

It was at this point that i realized what was unique about this town. And it was when i discovered what the DC really stood for.

I also got the phone.

Unpersoned predator drone

Presidentially sanctioned, CIA initiated, predator drone attacks kill at least 10 civilians for every military target.  And not that it matters especially, now these drones are killing US military.