Need a fee reduction? Need a ride? Need lunch?


Hello, potential conference attendees! Janel here with a little public service announcement.

So, we've already gotten quite a few registrations for the conference, which just tickles me pink. We cannot wait to meet everyone to celebrate intentional community together. However, several of you have been asking me questions about the conference that I'd like to answer publicly. Although the following information is listed on our "Info" page, I've already recieved the following questions enough to warrant action:

1. I need a ride. Is anyone coming from my area?

Well, the answer to this question is: probably! About 2 weeks before the conference, I will email y'all a spreadsheet that includes the contact information of the pre-registrants who are offering rides as well as those who need rides.

(Please, if you can OFFER a ride to the conference, let us know when you register. You could potentially help change someone's life by getting them to the Communities Conference!)

2. What food should I bring??

If you are coming via car, we would love to have you bring a pre-cooked meal that's large enough to feed at least 10 hungry people. We also recommend bringing snacks, juice and/or fruit for about the same number of people to enjoy between meals. It's OK to bring what you think is too much food; the more, the merrier! And if you can't bring food because you're coming by bus, train or plane, please consider throwing in 25-50 dollars extra on top of your conference fee. If we are running low on food during the conference, we may have to do an emergency market run.

3. Can I come to the conference in exchange for work?!

Work exchange is indeed an option, but please--let us know what your needs & skills are far in advance. Please don't assume that you can simply show up and do work exchange for the weekend; everyone is expected to pitch in at the conference as it is. "Work exchange" may involve coming quite early to help with site-prep, organization or outreach (anyone still interested in coming to Twin Oaks sometime soon as a "conference intern"?). Or, it could mean staying after the conference has ended to help clean up our rural site.

We definitely want to encourage low-income folks to attend as we ourselves are quite poor, but keep in mind that we need moolah to make this event happen! Whatever you can contribute is extremely, if that means you could pay more than $85, we would be grateful for your help! Your generosity will help us keep the conference open to everyone.

Rayne, Paxus and I are really excited about the 2011 conference, and we hope you are, too! We're so looking forward to it, we're practically falling over.

See you there, and keep the questions & comments coming!