Better Ways – Frisbee teams and bike intersections

The first time i played pick up ultimate Frisbee i was introduced to a new way to select teams, for the many one-on-one sports out there.  As we gathered as a group someone said “find someone of about your ability and pair up with them.  Everybody on the left is on this team the rest are on the other.” It was fast, it felt fair and it was completely novel to me.

I selected my fine friend Rabbit as my partner, not so much because we were the same ability, but rather because i knew him.  This was a tremendous mistake.  Rabbit could out play me in almost all aspects of ultimate.  The afternoon was frustrating and exhausting.  And what was clear was this was my choice.  Demonstrating that the system was also self correcting, since i would not repeat this mistake.

I thought to myself afterwards, why dont we select all teams this way?  It seems to be better in every way.  I mentioned this to a couple of players who were often selected as captains.  They did not see a reason to change from the existing system which rewarded their talents.  They talked about team work and balancing abilities, the need for leadership.  None of it was convincing.  This was one of the foundational  moments in my embracing anarchism.  The broken system was perpetuating itself, despite clear better alternatives.

i had a bit of the same feeling when i saw this video:

This design takes exactly the same footprint in terms of space and makes it better for bicycles and safer for car and bike interaction.  And why does this better design not happen?