Theraputic gravity

One of the hardest things for me when i was learning to be a ZEGG forum facilitator was to avoid the temptation to use this powerful introspective tool for therapeutic purposes.  It seemed like a natural.  This dynamic theater tool used for symbolic and direct self expression was a powerful force in looking into yourself and if you could see into yourself why wouldn’t you want to tweak yourself to improve yourself.  Like most white males i like to think of myself as a problem solving get stuff done kind of guy.  So if you have tools and you can see things are messed up, then you are somewhat obligated to try to improve things.


What it is supposed to be used for is self expression and self reflection.  These are quite different things.  Self expression can be all manner of transparent revelation,  What i learned to the forum and now thru its evolving sister group Not Forum is that being transparent has tremendous value in and of itself and this is why it makes sense to practice, even if you do not have a goal towards self improvement work.

At the top of the list is self knowledge and trust building.  IF you are doing these exercises you are looking in and trying to figure out what it is that you are doing and how you show up, even if you cant fully capture the whys.  And by going thru this work with others, you are learning how to be open to sharing aspects and elements of yourself which are generally kept secret oft even from yourself.  The honesty in these groups weave trust and deepens relationships.

The title of this post relates to this side effect of transparency work.  There is a  therapeutic gravity which kicks up and on when these tools are practiced seriously.  While transparency alone wont heal you, if you are not actively resisting it, it will push you that way.

So it was with some glee that Thomas told me today that the FEC would likely fund the tiny grant i submitted for a transparency Fingerbook.  The money is so small that i really submitted the application to force the project off my “this is what i want to do” list and onto my “this is what i need to do” list.  Because now it is a deliverable from someone else.

Self reflection leads to self healing