Road Trip

It is kind of a bad time for me to leave the commune.  We are not making our hammocks goals, which is driving up quota and there are lots of customer details we need to work on.

And it is Caroline and my 5th anniversary (something i would have certainly spaced without reminding).  And since one of the things we do best together is go places, we headed out to Philadelphia and points north today.  The first stop was to Chad’s place in Philly where i used to visit Feonix, before moved more permanently to Arlington.

Chad and Caroline went out to dinner leaving me with Chad’s lover Anjoline (Sp?) who i had a wonderful chat with.  We talk about sculpture (which she does) and love letters (which i do).  Then Chad and Caroline returned for  much giggling in Chad’s bed with the ultimate arrival of pizza.

all great journeys start with pizza