Top Search terms for this blog: Jellyfish and beyond

i am having a mysterious honeymoon with my blog.  Traffic is up – over 200 hits a day most days (not counting the 150 RSS feeds). Which of course i love.  But i have to confess i dont understand where it is coming from well.  This is not for lack of investigation on my part.  I pour over the statistics about who looks at my blog and where they come from.  Over the last 28 months, these are the top 5 search terms which found my blog and the number of hits which went thru to this blog.

Jellyfish 1103 hits – An article about naming July 2011 after Jellyfish, because they had shut down three reactors world wide thru clogging
Babylon 868 hits – This is about finding yourself on TV when you barely participate in the mainstream culture (which i enjoy calling Babylon). And about homeschooling about the ancient hanging gardens.
Bart map 780 hits – This is a short article praising subways
Akashic Record 750 hits – This is my favorite successful post.  A short one on how you should feel encouraged to readily delete poor choices of comments on social networks like Facebook and how these medias are more like a graffiti wall and not the Akashic Record (saving all knowledge)
bdsm 638 hits – A post from about 18 months ago asking if BDSM is violence? – which people are still commenting on as recently as today

Can anyone explain why most of my search traffic actually seems to come from image searches?  And most of them from the UK, Canada and India?