The other adventure at Luray Caverns

There are things which make trips memorable.  The adventure getting named is often one sign.  Like the year 2001 adventure to Quebec City called the Niagara Fallout (because Niagara Falls  is where we snuck folks with a criminal record over the boarder so they would not be repulsed by the Canadian Immigration authority) or the Unguided Missiles of Divine Light after new years 2007 to NYC.  This short trip up the Skyline Drive coined the clan name Weenie Butts.

We were supposed to go to Alchemy, where i was excited about starting a post office.  But in the end we had to confess it was a festival too far and we canceled.  But Kassia, Sky, Willow, Sara and i were not willing to give up our planned adventure time completely and went for a hike off Skyline drive and camped, in what turned otu to be a quite wet and cold evening, that Hawina’s tent performed admirably in.

The next morning, this morning, we went further north until we got to the Luray (pronounced “Lou Ray” not “Laray” as i was corrected by Sara).  Site of the famous Caverns.  But a funny thing happened on the way to caverns.  This wonderful destination had been visited by both WIllow and i before and Kassia and Sara were not excited by a guided tour and even less excited by one which cost $23.  So in a completely unplanned switch, we went to the hedge maze instead.

Not the Luray Maze, but with similar above maze walkways

We had a blast in the maze.  Running thru the 5 of us found all the 4 goals in the maze, which was originally misunderstood as the “goats” of the maze.  There was much shouting about where the goats were.  We broke up, we shouted for each other, we went the wrong way, we helped this perhaps Pakistani tour group find some of the goals and were a general nuisance to people who were trying to enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

The Weenie Butts had a most excellent adventure.