What happens when you let go of the rules

My commune favorite kid story which is not about my son is about Luuk.

When Luuk was 2 he was with a primary (a regular child care person) who was flicking through a coloring book with him.  They found a picture of a smiley sun with rays beaming down on the field.  The primary pointed to the sun beams and said “Luuk, what are these?”

“Photons” Luuk replied.

Luuk plays in the Heroes fantasy role playing home schooling game i facilitate.  Evan busted into the game the other day as 12 year old boys are inclined to do.  He wanted to play the fairy character from the Legend of Zelda video game.  he wanted to have infinite intelligence and he wanted to have  a “spiritual cell phone” which could all deities of lots of religions.

i gave him all these things.  And when he started calling various gods, they were generally unresponsive to his requests.  Gods are busy, they have stuff to do.  But the party Evan was in had intentionally gone back a couple of thousand years to pick up Isis, a young goddess, who they thought would be helpful in their quest to rebuild a city of Rivendale (the elven capital) which was destroyed by a dragon, who was seeking vengeance on our party of adventurers.

Having not gotten helpful responses from the first couple of gods he tried to call on his cell phone, Evan decided to call Jesus.  Turns out just as they called, Jesus was about to be crucified.  The party leaps into action.  Luuk is currently playing the young dragon character named Dirty (who’s favorite past time is getting drunk and using his flaming breath as a fireworks display – Luuk is 7).  Dirty swoops down and pulls Jesus off the cross just before the Romans are to nail him to it.  Dirty is unharmed by the hail of arrows launched by the furious Roman soldiers.

This dramatic rescue has the side effect of eliminating Christianity as a religion. And the party learns that Jesus goes on to become a semi-professional bowler and live happily til the end of his days.

The party then goes to the Sphinx, time travels forward to shortly after Rivendales destruction only to find that they are now being hunted thru time by a group of angry Christians, upset that they have destroyed their religion.

There are differences between home schooling and conventional education.