Nashville Craft Fair – Day 1

Hawina and i do 3 or 4 craft fairs a year where we sell hammocks for the commune.  We do all these fairs with Willow and Corb and Feonix or Sara.  Except for Nashville, we do this one just with the two of us.

We buy food at Piggily Wiggily, instead of eating out.

Nashville is hot this time of year and the craft fair is busy.  We had sold over $400 before the fair started officially.

Hawina is a master of logistics, the pillows are shipped, the hotel is booked, we know the options for places to stay en route because Hawina has already scoped out them out, sandwiches are packed, pillows are shipped in advance, she even forecasted that i did not have enuf clean short sleeve shirts and she grabbed some from Commie Clothes for me.

This is also the fair where we know the organizers better than any other.  Or i should say Hawina does, i dont pay that much attention.  But Hawina writes down their names, learns about them and the following year knows what to try to sell them.

We have a food allowance of $27/day/person.  So we go to the local supermarket (which was just bought out by Piggily Wiggily) and buy mostly healthy food we like to replace meals that we might have both at a restaurant.

It was a near perfect day today, despite the heat and the rain that shut down the fair 20 minutes before closing time.