Metablogging – where is this train going ?

i am convinced blogging in important, but i am not quite yet convinced why.

There is a reasonable chance that blogging will  largely supplant conventional news services.  This is especially true if we start seeing some smart front ends that we are not yet seeing.  If you use WordPress to blog, you know that when you start up they give you a tiny selection of highlighted blogs.  This is a bit like what the front end service could look like, except that it would be more topical, more easily searched.  I want blog sorting software similar to the google news filter, which sort by timeliness, and political bend and affiliation of the author, and topic and length and reliability of information, reader rankings in general and my personal ranked or most visited authors.  We should be at least as excited about going to our blog filter as you are to your custom news filter.    The Google Blog Reader service (which permits you to track your own unread entries inthe blogs you are following)  would be part of this larger filter service.

There is some chance that blogging is the entry to more useful crowd sourcing efforts.  That blogs build relationships and audience and once we are drawing audience and engaging readers we can then ask them to help build these documents and manifestos and flexible agreement structures that we think we might need to build a better world.  Where is the meta-blog of sites which are mostly writing about Occupy Tetrecstradil at the moment.

It is certainly the case that regular blogging is making me think more about what it is that i have to say which is worth repeating and then seeing how well a post gets picked up and commented on.   And my blogs performance affects my mood.   If i have 100 hits before noon i am quite pleased these days.   My very first blog entry (which appears forever lost?) on my previous blog site was about Sky encouraging me to find a practice.  It would see that this is it.

Around here there is talk about a Twin Oaks blog, which i drafted the first post of. The FEC does aggregate some of its members blogs, but mine dominates because i am pretty regular.    There are a myriad of topics we could write about in reference the to community specifically (i suggested the following):

  • The Flag Hammock and cutting off Walmart 
  • Tofu Business Expansion
  • Joint Business with Acorn around wholesale seeds
  • Twin Oaks relations/support of LEF (and previously Acorn)
  • Transparency groups (including the newer Monday group)
  • Pop Cap room blues and greens
  • The Community as more picky with visitors as we fill up.
  • Polyamory and holiday agreements in commune culture
  • Naming Parties
  • Sharing Systems (Commie Clothes, Bikes, Cars)
  • Income Sharing highs and lows

But of course i am very interested in what you, my fair reader, are interested in having me write about.  Dont be a stranger, do tell – and please comment here on the blog rather than facebook, even tho fewer total people may see it here.

If blogs are political - what world are they crafting?