she hitches

Sara has a post up about her hitching.  A lover of mine was raped and nearly killed hitching and it temporarily shattered her life and our broke amazing romantic relationship, and try as we might years later we were never able to put it back together.  I have charge around women hitching alone.  And i completely support Sara in doing it.  She is the perfect ambassador for the radical movement: charming, accessible, young but not naive, perfectly peculiar whiskers.  And by asking the driver if it is okay to text their license to a couple of friends, she depresses the already low probability of problem to nearly nothing.

But it is not nothing.  And we have to take chances.  There is not a safe way to change the world and more and more of us are going to have to get more and more daring if we want to pull off a turn around.

Sara is one of my big teachers.  She is educating me about how to make time work in supporting a relationship with someone like me who is in near constant turbulence.  And she is instructing all of us on how to be daring and smart.