Canada versus the world

As the Occupy Everywhere protests went world wide these images struck me as particularly telling.

Police in Seattle surround this dangerous tent

Occupy Amsterdam - the world is waking up

Occupy Athens - greece is bankrupt

Occupy DC - what a good question

Occupy Hong Kong - people dwarf the bank skyscrapers

Occupy Houston - Bush country fights back

Occupy LA - not so free speech

Motorist support Occupy LA

Occupy Lisbon reminds us not everyone speaks English

Occupy London has Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame speaking

Occupy Madrid - many hands make light work

Occupy Madrid - yoga circle

Occupy Munich - time to change your world view

Occupy Oklahoma City - protest springs in the heartland

Rome became a riot - wonder who fired first

Occupy San Diego

Occupy Seoul

Occupy the Tundra - not lonely in Alaska

Occupy Vancouver - American ideas drift north

Occupy Vienna - V for Vendetta masks a many

Occupy Wall St cleans up after itself

Occupy Wall St - Many issues to discuss

Occupy Wall St - Some must sleep while others march

Occupy Wall St - time for a clean sweep

Occupy Zurich sez Occupy the planet

Occupy Toronto has a different relationship between police and protesters