No disaster porn here

CBS news called the office this morning and they wanted to bring a TV film crew down to film the effects of the quake.  There was some discussion of who should be showing them around, various handy and knowledgeable folks were discussed.  When i found out it was happening i put the kibosh on it.  “We are not doing disaster porn here” i said in one of the animated conversations on it.  In this case, as often happens the TV crew never called back, so i never got to tell them they could not come.  Unless of course like one of the local newspapers they were willing to carry the story we were excited about, which was how the community pulled together in the face of the extraordinary event.

These are the places where we shine.  It is an externally induced problem.  There are no bad guys.  There is a place for anyone how wants to shine to step up.  There is lots to do and more importantly, there is lots to do together.  We of course dont wish for natural disasters, but when they happen, our structure and culture serves us.  No one felt alone and no one felt uncared for.  This was not the experience of many of my Babylonian counterparts.

And i promised Disaster Porn on my blog, and i certainly am going to deliver.

Our worst hit building

Upstairs Oneida immediately post quake

sci fi library

what the bookcases hide is the fishtank which tried to kill me

Out of the ashes