On Egg Yolks and Germ Tests

On Friday morning I went downstairs to have breakfast a bit later than usual. There was only one egg left in the fridge, and it was tiny! So I went to the neighboring kitchen to see if they had some eggs I could steal. They had plenty, including an impressively large egg, which I decided to take and pair with the tiny egg.

I was surprised and delighted to find when I cracked the large egg open that it had two yolks! I wondered what unusual or deformed chicken might have hatched from it, had it been fertilized and incubated. I then added the small egg, which seemed to mostly contain yolk.

So, all in all, it was an amusing start to my day.

I then headed over to Acorn to start some germination tests on seed that had survived the warehouse fire they had some months ago. Of the containers that survived many (though certainly not all) had labels that were at least partially legible, so it is hoped that at least some of the seed is still viable. I was told that one of the gallon containers had seed that would be worth a thousand dollars! I wished I’d had a camera at the time…The residue on the outside of the containers was pretty nasty, and some of them were kind of interestingly deformed. Some of the seed can be sold if it passes germ, but many of the containers were archival. Someone else will be following up on the tests, and I hope to hear good news on them.