Another idea i am quite excited about is the Mockupy fantasy role playing game we are developing for the final day of the communities conference.  This will be a multi-player (perhaps as many as 40 people) live action theater role playing game.  And if we do it well, it will be comic, enlightening, infuriating, sad and powerful.  And most important inspiring.

self mockery

As Joanna and i were brainstorm sense/scenarios for the Mockupy role players, it was clear that one aspect of this global viral movement was maddening to Joanna.  “The whole “no message” tactic drives me nuts.”  Joanna comes from the activist school where messaging is central and campaigning without clear msgs is like driving with no steering wheel.  You can go fast, but you cant get anywhere predictable.

“You would be so much more effective if you had an issue.”

So the natural role for Joanna to play in this massive multiplayer game is that of the annoying (but reasonable) journalist who keeps asking “what is the message?”  I am hoping my old comrade Ian will take on being head of the Mockupy City Police, i am confident of his ability to mimic their fictitious demeanor.

Perhaps you have a great scenario to offer, including ones which have happened, where we are tested and occasionally arise as heroes.  Send them and we will work to include them.

hands signs: pretty, functional, empowering