Thread mining

i get that people are understandably worried about the internet undermining their privacy.  And at the same time we have entered this curious Facebook competition in which you can draw people to your profile thru carefully screening and sharing the best things that your friends are reading or writing about.

i find myself thread mining, especially images.  i go look at what is on my wall, then look into some of the people who seem to be posting interesting things, then look at the postings on some of their interesting “likes”.  Then i repost the best.

And i am a self identified propagandist, a highly public personality, trying to allure or hypnotize readers into some of these crazy memetics i am excited about.  So my privacy settings are almost all toggled off.  I get some weird comments occasionally, perhaps every two months i block someone i know enuf about from the single sentence or two they share.

But there is an unsubscribed art of thread mining, which should be explored. How do we create compelling exciting wall posts (or Stream – if you are speaking the Esperanto of social networking – google plus.)