20 questions – What type of light bulb?

Hawina and i were chatting about opening new hammocks shops because of our success in selling to people in Chicago and especially after the show.  We were driving into town to see Sky and Willow said ‘This is supposed to be a family adventure, work is boring, let’s talk about something else.”  My observation is that most parents bristle at this type of interrupting back talk from their kids.  Only this kid happens to be right.  So we stopped and instead shifted to one of Willows favorite games – 20 Questions.

The trick with 20 questions is to choose something very common as the stumper.  Pins or tires or stop signs are the things people get stuck on, not Maroline Monroe or fusion reactors.  It was my turn to stump, so i thought to myself “what could be more common that a compact florescent light bulb.   After quite a few questions (and having to give examples of irregular cylinders) Willow and Hawina started closing in.

“Is it a light bulb?” Asked Hawina

“Yes, but that is not it” i replied

“Is it a incandescent light bulb?”


“Oh what do they call the other kind of light buld, i can see it but i can’t name it, it is curly. Oh Willow, what is it called?”

“A polyamorous light bulb?” suggested Willow.

i almost lost control of the car i was laughing so hard.