Presents from a stranger

My lover Premin is visiting. We met 3 years ago when i was following the advice of some event organizers and helping subsidize her participation in the Network for a New Culture summer camp.  i was worried about my first meeting with her, afraid it would be weird having helped financially someone who i did not know.

Instead, when i met her at Shana’s old house, i was a bit blown away.  The money was appropriately irreverent and unmentioned, instead we had a rich and almost intimate connection.  i was intrigued by her thinking, enchanted by her quirky charm and put at ease by her relaxed manner.   i walked away from this relatively brief encounter thinking “i could fall in love with this women.” a week later i did.

Premin this afternoon

When she visited last year i was bemoaning that i could not get the good German Sudokus which had only 17 number in them, rather than the typical 21 or 22.  The starting number of entries is one important factor in the difficulty of Sudoku puzzles, the fewer the tougher.  In the US, i have never found these super difficult Sudokus with this few starting numbers, but in Germany i found a few.  I asked Premin if on her way back to the Osho Meditation Center in Poona India, if she could snap up one of these when she went thru her native Germany.  She said she would try, but then could not find them.

When she went thru Germany this last time, she had asked her sister to look out for these and her sister (who i have never met) went one better.  See made a 17 entry Sudoku book for me.

killer Sudoku

There are a hundred puzzles, hand copied from some masters somewhere.  They are satisfyingly difficult.  And i am appreciative of this stranger i have never met, who did all this work for a present for me.