2010 Communities Conference is Coming Up!

Hey all,

My name is Alex and I'm doing some work on this summer's Communities Conference at Twin Oaks. We're just getting the ball rolling now, but we've set a date for the event, and hope you'll all mark your calendars early and plan to join us. So, drum roll please....

The 2010 Communities Conference at Twin Oaks Community will be held August 13-15th, and we're looking forward to another great weekend of workshops, sharing circles, hanging out and working together. The tentative theme for this year's conference will be "Putting Down Roots: Laying the Foundations of Community".

There's still snow on the ground here in Louisa, but I have a feeling that August will arrive before I know it, so I'm getting started now on a little publicity and promotional work. There are mailings to send, logos to craft and (of course) workshop facilitators to invite and organize. I'll be keeping my eye on the website, too, and will do my best to keep you posted as the planning continues.

For now, here's the conference's informational blurb--consider it a personal invite--and also how to reach us with any questions and input.

2010 Twin Oaks Communities Conference--August 13-15.

Putting Down Roots: Laying the Foundation of Community

Join us for a weekend of workshops, community-building and culture creation! Come learn about intentional communities of all kinds, from co-housing and co-ops to communes and eco-villages. We’ll explore issues such as group-decision making, natural building, intentional relationships and sustainable living. In addition to structured workshops and sharing circles, there will be plenty of time to network, swap stories and play together at beautiful Twin Oaks Community in Louisa, VA. Participant fee is $85 (sliding scale) and includes food and tenting for the weekend. We welcome both community seekers and members alike.

Contact us at: Communities Conference, 138 Twin Oaks Rd, Louisa VA 23093. (540)-894-5126 [email protected] www.communitiesconference.org

More updates coming soon, and looking forward to seeing you in August!


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