The Fat Labor Credits

Kelsey is wonderful and i am going to miss her terribly when she joins her lover in Tanzania soon.  She has been a huge help in the Heroes homeschooling game.  She asked me if she were a Caucasian person going to a foreign land of a different race  how would she best learn to assimilate.

i said ‘Go to an american who has been there for a long time and say “tell me what you think i need to know about these people and this place to fit in and serve.”  Listen carefully to what they say and take lots of notes.  Then take their story to a respected elder native and tell them what you heard and get them to correct it.’

“That is brilliant” Kelsey exclaimed, which are about my most favorite words.

“That is why i get the big labor credits” i quip and several folx at the table laugh (Roberto and Eva V).  i then go on to explain that big labor credits are still only worth one hour each, but they are the oversized credits you get for doing amazing things.

Once upon a time, in this type of conversation i would have said “that is why i make the big bucks.” The joke here being that i make $85/month.

We are facing a vexing world, we need to be clever. And i try to do it when ever i am able, regardless of the compensation.

one of the early options when you google image search for 'brilliant'