Bandits, Robbers and Thieves – Willow is 10

Today is Willows 10th birthday.  In some ways he is a normal kid – he like super hero video games, he likes to stay up late and sleep in, he loves Harry Potter and Hawina reading him books about Drow elves and magic.

In some ways he is very different than i was as a kid.  He distrusts the police.  In his first interview when asked what he wanted in the world he said emphatically “More trees, less cars.” He strongly dislikes the American flag.  I did not think about these things at 10.

Willow with birthday fan

His anarchist tendencies continue all the way to the theme for his birthday party this Saturday.  “I want people to come dressed up like bandits, robbers and thieves.” Says my son who has a pretty impressive thief costume, especially with the new cloak Corb got for him.  Is he advocating for the redistribution of wealth, or is he just looking for more candy?  Stay tuned we will know soon.