As reckless as my grammar and spelling may appear, i am somewhat careful about what i say in this blog.  If i say something controversial about a member or a friend, i generally run it by them before i post.  Or if i print something wrong (as with my recent post on mental health struggles) i try to be quick to correct it.

But people who know me better, know that in real life i am far less careful and say, with some regularity outrageous, arrogant, preposterous and bizarre things.  Some of the people who know me best have decided that this “real side” of me is worthy of a tumblr (a usually graphic based micro blog) highlighting some choice  whackier comments (like bemoaning Beyonce’s unknown husband) .  This is Aubby’s brain child who thought even funnier than the things i say would be a blog that covered the things i leave behind, the old attire i adorn and other comic elements of my personality.  But because it was Bochie who picked up the ball and actually created the account – it is shit that i say, combined with various embarrassing pictures of me (which there seem to be quite a few of).

i am envious of Elmo’s fame