My postcard to the king of revenge porn

I wrote about a week ago that the infamous revenge porn mogul, Hunter Moore, was being hunted by the hacktivist group Anonymous.  [Revenge Porn is when someone uploads naked pictures typically of their estranged ex-lover because they are upset with them.  In addition Moore gave links to people Facebook pages who were in the pictures.]  Anonymous said in its media release:

“We will protect anyone who is victimized by abuse of our internet, we will prevent the stalking, rape, and possible murders as by-product of his sites.”

Pornography website

A week ago Moore was dismissive of Anonymous’s effectiveness, perhaps emboldened by his ability to keep himself outside of trouble in his last venture.  [Though Moore was already stabbed with a pen by one woman who he posted pictures of on this last site.]  But last time he was just dealing with individual upset people, who had been harassed because he had posted their Facebook account info along with their revealing pictures.  And the government, which was likely unsympathetic to the plight of people who had choose the wrong people to trust with their images.  The law is written to take care of Facebook, so Hunter is under that protection.

Anonymous has been successful, both in shutting down Moore’s new site (as of this writing is listed as “Currently Unavailable”) and publishing his personal information.  They have listed his password (which is interestingly p455wOrd), a partially redacted version of his credit card number (i thought this an interesting courtesy – tho apparently some things were charged on it by hackers), names and addresses of family members and a lot of other personal information.  Should you want to visit Hunter, his home address is:

hunter moore  627 matmor rd  95776 Woodland United States CA

i write a lot of postcards, so i thought i would write one to Hunter.  When i was at the amazing postcard store Arts Unlimited in Amsterdam i bought about 70 postcards (which i have already mailed about half).  One of the ones i got i had no idea who i would send it to when i got it, was the old John Lennon quote:

Life is what happens when you are making other plans.

This seemed especially apt given Hunters situation with Anonymous.  The website he planned is down.  People upset with him about what happened to them based on his previous website which posted images they may not have consented to being taken in the first place and certainly did not approve of being up on his site now know where to find him.  The address posted is apparently his parents house, who may well not want the attention their address is getting.  Far more damning is that Anonymous has printed email messages and twitter feeds indicating he has knowingly posted pornographic images of underage individuals as well as information about his use of and transport of hard drugs.  My guess is that both vigilantes and law enforcement people will likely pursue this.  Other plans indeed.

xxx keyboard

My postcard suggested it might be time for a career change.