Early for Work

My oldest friend Rez is down for the weekend.  As usual he has brought fancy food (chocolate covered pomegranates, avocados and mangoes) and his willingness to plug in and make stuff happen (like tomorrows brunch which he is cooking).  Needless to say he is a big hit here.

Rez and i go way back, but well after our beginning we were separated by the Pacific Ocean which i had just hitched across on sailboats in 1989.  Our call went something like this:

Rez:  You still looking for a job?

Me: Well, i have an acceptable offer, but what do you have?

Rez: I’ve got a high paying, short term, computer programming job in renewable energy.

[Rez knowing me well, knew that this was 4 for 4 for what i was looking for at this point in my life]

Me: What is the catch?

Rez:  You need to be on the next plane to Honolulu.

It is hard for people to imagine how different things were before the internet, but at this time there was no actually way to find out when the next plane was going to Honolulu without physically going to the airport and looking at all the departures.  That afternoon i took off from Sydney Intl.

it is more than just an imaginary line, sort of

i crossed the international date line and started work upon arrival, a day before i got my job offer.