Feyboy Mansion San Franciso

I dont do things like most people.  Most travelers figure out where they are going to sleep before they get there.  At first i thought i might go straight to Santa Cruz, but Rabbit went skiing, so then i thought i might be staying at my favorite revolutionary David Solnit in San Francisco, but actually ended up at the colorful Feyboy mansion in the Mission district.  I did not really start working the problem until my layover at the Dallas airport today.

Kyle used to live at Twin Oaks and i take quite some credit for introducing her to the radical faeries at Grand Central Station in the Castro District of San Francisco.  The Castro is one of the largest, most notorious and most spectacular principally gay districts in the world.  I lived in at the Paradox House collective in the Castro for some years in the middle 80s.  This feels a bit like coming home.

Kyle and fellow housemates here at the Feyboy Mansion on Fulsome Street are applied funologists, hard core.  Pink Feather claims they have done over 100 events in the last year, which i assumed was boasting at first, but when she* talked about taking both Halloween and New Years off i realized if i threw an event every three to four days, i would want some big celebrations off.  Pink Feather said she did not want to get stuck and instead of redoing the hugely successful androgyny pageant she organized the year, instead she would do something else, perhaps a thousand bearded ladies festival.

urban radical faerie maypole

The Feyboys are central organizers within C0mfort and Joy which is largest queer camp at Burning Man.  So large that from the infamous “extra 10K tickets” that BurningMan.Com is dispersing to theme camps, C&J gets 30 tickets.  All these tickets are at the top price level of $390.  Pink Feather points out that these should really be on sliding scale, because the theme camps are now the soul of the festival.  Between Pink Feathers enthusiasm and righteous bragging Kyle lets out the Chincilas who scramble around the flat like crazed marsupial rodents.

Kyles were furrier and blurrier, because they were moving so fast

Pink Feather is not going to Burning Man this year.  The ticket fiasco (in which the event has sold out and there is a complex system for trying to distribute tickets, including this reserve block) makes the event feel classist.

pretty logo for feyboy benefit event March 16

I did not know what i was going to do before i got here.  But now i know tomorrow morning i will be doing an Occupy San Francisco action at Wells Fargo around stopping foreclosures.  And then tomorrow evening i will go to this Touch Benefit event which helps the Feyboys and Comfort and Joy get to Burning Man.

*Pink Flower does not use male pronoun forms at all anymore, this is part of the language in use at the Feyboy Mansion, so i am adopting it in telling this story.  Understanding and embracing that this cloudies gender and sex identification in the retelling.