Twin Oaks Beltane Celebration Photos

These are some of the pictures Janel shots of yesterdays festivities

Rejoice Acorn doing Murdock Acorns hair for the festivities

Valerie getting her face painted

Winooski and Hawthorne played goddess and god with requisite romantic excitement between them

Willow was fire, Sky had graphics appropriate for the dad of fire

Sara & i & Nina & Foxx X & Emily X & Gwen & Murdock at the start of the ritual

Mala with Sami with epic face paint (and Britney on right)

3 generations of goddess and god - Hawina & Corb, Winooski & Hawthorne, Kaya and Zadek

Willow is Fire

The Band for the ritual

Dancing around the Maypole

The god and goddess dance around the maypole

Ezra gets trapped with the kids around the Maypole

Rowan Climbs the Maypole

Rowan atop the Maypole