The universe wants horny beefies

Twice now I’ve scheduled time to dehorn the newest round of calves (we cauterize them).  Both times, Mushroom has wrangled them and held them down while I give lidocaine injections (which is rather stressful, really).  And then!  Ugh!  And then we call it off.

The first time, the vet showed up.  I had called her earlier in the day, and she showed up when she could without  a callback.  This is usually great!  But not that time.  I was feelin’ so good about doing so many successful injections, and then I had to stop.  Ugh.  Threw me off for hours.

And today, Mushroom and I just happened to have a block of time free, so we decided to dehorn, and the goddamn power was out.  We didn’t notice it until after giving the injections.  Just in the barn!  The rest of the community? Totally fine.

I might even have to hand-milk tonight, which is not what I want to be doing.

Also my pants are covered in cow shit and blood.  Day in the life.