Mubarak Falls – prophetic month names

One of the many things i learned from interns who i nominally supervised while working in eastern Europe was about rough English translation of the Czech month names.  Erikk Piper taught me that unlike most of the world which is stuck in greek gods names for the months, the Slavs were influenced by the seasons and cultural happenings.  The calendar went something like this:

  • January: Icy
  • February: Early Flowers
  • March: Pregnant Animals
  • April:
  • May:
  • June: Red
  • July: Redder
  • August: Harvest
  • September: Animals in Heat
  • October: Spirits
  • November: Falling Leaves
  • December: Begging

So following in Erikk’s lead i used to date letters with thins like

3 Falling Leaves 95 (for Nov 3, 1995)

21 Pregnant Animals 2K1 (for March 21st, 2001)

What was interesting to me, is that i regularly sign my name to the bottom of my emails with where i am and this odd date format.  And i could be corresponding with someone for months until i got to March or September, before they would ask what these strange words mean.  But when it got to be pregnant animals or animals in heat, i needed to explain myself.

And then as most funologists do, we took a good thing and went too far and started making up our own month names.  April 2010 was called “Ipad” for this new products release (and then when Bochie ordered one the month name changed for where it was in transit like “Ipad in Hong Kong”.  March of 2002 was called “Battle for Baghdad”  Months are named after friends kids who are born then.

I am calling this month Mubarak Falls.  It is my wish.  What comes next in Egypt will not be easy.  But as Gandhi said “All dictators fall” it is time for Mubarak to go.