Berry picking season

I know at least one person who gives coself an extra fifteen minutes of travel time between points on the farm for the sole purpose of grazing on berries.  Berries in the courtyard, by Bozo Beach, along Vigor, MT, Morningstar, Tupelo, and probably some other places.  Wish we had more big ladders, though.

I hear Food Processing is on top of making us some jam, and I did notice a few trees stripped to about eight feet, so…

handfull of berries

Strawberries, sour cherries, mulberries, and…juneberries?

Also, tonight I went to a tasting of liquors infused with last year’s second-rate, about-to-rot Tupelo plums.  Plums and sugar and rum and a year of soaking.  Oh yes.  There’s more than one way to appreciate fruit.