The real reason to blog

There are written and spoken arts and you need to practice  to improve,. By nearly daily blogging i find myself thinking about how i want to express my experience in a politically meaningful way.   What hope can be found in these sharing systems?  What useful memetics are underlaying these political moves?  Where does funological analysis tell us and how do we convince others to dare to come.

Avatar: The last airbender is a richly complex and smugly child pleasing cartoon

The propagandist should blog because there is regularly an important idea which can be trapped and expressed in even some of the most mundane actions.  There are huge truths around us,  many powerful enough to leverage part of the world.  Starting with simple kindness and respect.

The story teller should blog because practicing word spinning is the surest way to get better at it.  Looking at daily vignettes as launch pads for novel plots and magical possibilities.  Kids are fantastic raw stock for this art.  And my son the most fantastic.  No surprise that my posts about Willow are some of the most read and commented on.

Willow contemplates options - Comm Conf 2007

Hawina is clearly negotiating in this picture.