Anarchist Studies Grants – Deadline Feb 15th

Lots of people are motivated by deadlines, i certainly am.  So when i saw that the deadline for the Institute for Anarchist Studies writing grant was Feb 1st and it was Feb 1st and i had no time to write anything, i did what any self respecting disorganized organizer would do – i emailed asking for more information.

To my joy, the deadline had moved a couple of weeks and it was still possible for me (and perhaps you) to get an application in for a grant for an essay (or translation) on how to improve the world as seen through an anarchist lens.  Since Feb 1st they have pulled down the link which tells you that the deadline has been extended and what the application process is.  But in the noble anarchist tradition of leaking information, at the bottom of this message is what you need to do to be considered for the small grants of between $250 and $1000.

reading in the flames

What is important to me, is what it is we should be writing about.  Unsurprisingly, for those who know me, i want to do a piece on sharing systems.  Specifically, how sharing systems which have been developed in the commune can be exported to Babylon.

But if you identify as an anarchist who thinks part of their work is that you need to do is share powerful ideas with others, this might be your grant.

If i could split in three, i think what i would write about is:

  1. How to spark a social network to replace Facebook
  2. Tools for living without money
  3. Exporting sharing systems from the commune to the mainstream

What should you be writing about?

commons not capitalism


So this is what you would have gotten if you had asked before Feb 1st for the information about the grant.  But it actually appears that website expired, rather than they intentionally stopped ending stuff out.


Thanks for contacting us about our grants for writing and translation projects. Due to ongoing issues with our application and Web site, we have extended our winter deadline for proposals. Grant applications are now due by or before midnight EST on February 15, 2013. We apology for any inconvenience or delay. We’re working on a totally new Web site that will be both attractive and functional, offering an easy online application for future grant rounds.

For now, below you’ll find the grant application questions. Please address them succinctly yet fully, and return them to us via email: [email protected].

- Please fill out the questions below, and acknowledge the fine print.
- Please attach a writing sample, no longer than 5 double-spaced pages in length, as a .doc file.

We look forward to receiving your grant application, and will be in touch with all applicants with our decisions by the late March or early April.


David Combs
Institute for Anarchist Studies

Tentative Project Title:

Your full name:

Your email address:

Your full address:

Your phone number:

Project completion date:
Note: Your essay must be completed within six months of being awarded a grant.

Project Summary:
Please provide a succinct one- to two-paragraph summary of your essay project, including as applicable your main points, key argument(s), and research or other supporting materials.

Project Approximate Length:

Project Insights:
What insights does your piece offer into social, political, and/or economic structures of domination? What contributions does it make to efforts to abolish or radically transform these structures and create a free, just, and cooperative society?

Project Importance:
Why is your essay project especially important at this particular time? Please provide a one- to two-paragraph summary on how you see your essay project fitting into the current context of anarchist/radical thought and/or organizing.

Project Influences/sources:
If applicable, briefly note any key theoretical influences/sources for this project.

Project Personal Experience:
What experience do you have that is relevant to your project? This can include experience with the methodology you are proposing here, pieces you have written on related themes, educational or organizing/activist experience, research, employment, languages, and so on. If your application is for a translation, include your translation experience. Please explain why you feel that you would be a good candidate to undertake and complete this project.

Language of project:
What language will the work be written in? If it will be in a language other than English, can you provide English translation?

If writing a translation, do you have the translation rights? We will not consider applications for translations without the original author’s permission.

The IAS is interested in having the essays it funds be as widely available as possible in forms that are relevant and accessible to radical movements and thinkers. To this end, we attempt to publish as many of the funded essays as we can, but also appreciate efforts by the grantee to disseminate their work.

Project IAS Publishing:
Are you open to having your completed essay project be published in Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, or as part of a small book series by the IAS and AK Press?

Project Publishing:
What other plans do you have to publish or otherwise disseminate your essay beyond possible IAS publishing opportunities?


Terms and Conditions

Relationship to IAS:
I am not. I am not an officer, director, member of the grant selection committee, or any other committee of the IAS. I am not related to anyone serving in any of the above capacities.

Project Completion:
Yes, I agree. I will complete the above project within six months of receiving the grant (generally August 30 or January 30 of a given year), and I will send a finished copy of the essay or translation to the IAS by this date.

Yes, I agree. Whether I own the piece’s copyright or not, I grant the IAS permission to publish the completed work in the IAS journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, as part of an anthology, or in a small book format.

Yes, I agree. If I am awarded a grant and the IAS decides to pursue the publication of my essay in its journal or as part of a book series, I am willing to work with an IAS editor to prepare the essay or translation for publication.

Acknowledge IAS:
Yes, I agree. Whether I own the piece’s copyright or not, I grant the IAS permission to publish the completed work in the IAS journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, as part of an anthology, or in a small book format.

Yes, I agree. If the project must take more than six months to complete, I will request in writing an extension of the deadline, no less than one month before the original deadline. If I fail to request an extension, or if the IAS does not accept the request, I will return the grant money.

Money Return:
Yes, I agree. I will return the grant money in full if I fail to complete the project in the required time frame.

Publish without funding:
Yes, I agree. If you are not funded, another support we offer is posting info re: projects on our Web site. Would you be ok with this?