Negotiations: Bed Time and Egypt

It is about 9:30 PM when my son calls
“What are you thinking about bed time?” he asks
“I had not thught about it much, what works for you?” i reply
“Rowan is going to sleep around 10:30, so why dont we meet at M* at 10.” Willow proposes
“Sure, i will see you in the Bino suite at 10? i verify

i dont think this is how most parents kid negotiations around bed time go.

i brought up the possibility to Willow of me going away for several months without him in 2012. I suggested that i would be in Europe and while i would like him to come visit for a little of the time, i would be away from him for some months. i wanted his buy in.

He said he was okay with us being apart (provided Sky and Hawina were still around) for some months. But he did not want to go to Europe. He wanted to go to Egypt. i told him i would work on it.