Belgium joins the exit club

Another one bites the dust, maybe.  Belgium which is one of the most highly nuclear power countries in the world (coming in 3rd after France and tiny Slovakia) is phasing out by 2025.  The reason this is important is that Belgium has significant power inside the EU despite it’s small population.  It is the HQ for most of the EU.  It is one of the 6 original  Euratom treaty signators.  It joins the growing group of technologically advanced European countries which will be nuclear free in the next two decades, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria (no doubt JanH will jump in and help me out here).

This has actually been the plan since 2003 in Belgium, but that the current government re-affirmed it (conditional on replacement power being found) is significant.  What it really means is that Belgium will not be building new reactors and likely following Germany’s plunge into real renewables.  When you look at the world from space, the brightest spot at night is Belgium.

It is good that nuclear will not be keeping these lights on before Willow does not go to college.