The Pink and Purple Party

There is a little game we play here.  Can you post a single note, tell a handful of people and have a wonderful little party?  The answer this evening was yes.  Rayne and Joanna and perhaps others decided that our visitor cabin, Aurora, is a great place to have party.  The problem is that it is often filled with visitors, and if they are not throwing their own visitor party, some of them annoyingly are likely to be interested in sleeping at a reasonable hour and may not want a major little party in their living room.

Within the last couple of days a purple and pink paper cut invitation for this event went up.    Because we currently have no visitors, they were not negatively impacted [Tho i did give up my room to a guest who did not think they would be able to sleep thru the dance music.]  Many people showed up in the prescribed colors (including myself – commie clothes makes this easy).

This is a NYC friend, who was not at this party.

Between dances, GPaul from Acorn and i discussed the funological advantages and disadvantages of moving a couch which i felt was in the way of some of the dancing.  Gpaul convinced me to jsut push the couch to the side as much as easily possible.  It was the right compromise.

Part of what was striking for me about this event was how beautiful we are collectively.  The dance floor was filled with charming, lively, attractive folks, most of whom i am luck enough to live with.  And this is the lead in to the blog post about Sara’s and my disagreement about beauty.