The Wizard Queen

It is Kenric’s b-day today.  He has the typically impossible relationship with age that some aging gay men have, where he is both obsessed with younger men and disparaging of his own age. And at the same time he portrays himself as paradoxically older (by talking about future b-days in the present tense) and in denial of it (often claiming he is younger than i am). [ Bochie tells me he is dead in gay years, he is in his mid twenties. This strikes me quite oddly.]

Kenrique and Hawina and Robert and Thea's wedding

Kenric is for me, as i am for many – the person call you when you need it now.  When you need a fixer.   He called me this morning, he had left a TOR in his room from the previous days trippering and needed me to read it to him over the phone.  And i was on it.

Wizard Queen, Kelpie and Anissa circle 2005

My relationship with Kenric in this is extremely one sided, i am often calling him on the road, changing pick up arrangements for Willow or for some visiting intimate or ally, stopping at the store for a bottle of wine at the last minute, getting him to get me unlost, covering near bouncing credit card or bad check mistakes at the bank.  The number of times he has gone out of his way to save my ass over the years we have been dancing is innumerable.    The number of times he has asked my aid for something logistical i can count on one hand.

My man and Sky circa 2001

So today when he called it was my chance to shine.  I would have walked out of a conversation with The Goddess to deliver. You’ve got to take care of your fixers.

Stars, Thea and Queen Kenric herself circa 2002