Nora is not Anonymous – Fiction

i met Nora not far from her high tech office job on Folsom in San Francisco.  She is some how both not dressed up and highly stylish in my captured eye.  She is perhaps 30, but it is a bit hard to tell.  We have a shared friend, she has agreed to meet with me, because i pushed one of my old geek buddies.  i pushed  quite hard about it, actually.  I wanted to meet Anonymous if there was any way i could.   She would eat lunch with me and talk for 30 minutes, all on record.

The first things she told me was that Anonymous was not important anymore, but gifted hackers monitoring Anonymous feeds would appear to all the world to be from this brand name clandestine group.  This served their collective purposes.  She told me that there is a massive dark internet where the real hacker communication happens in various trusted limited chat spaces using an elaborate anarchist consensus building format, which i frankly did not understand very well.  If you cant find your way in, you cant come. And no one helps you find your way in. It is an elite club, which i sensed  some pride in her being in.

I told her my idea, which is that hacker groups could bust into banks databases and find the records they have which indicates the worst/most legally indefensible foreclosed mortgages they have.  Pull those documents out, give them to the new Occupy 2.0 groups which are organizing evicted persona and you have high probability of success home owners taking back their property from bailed out banks.

She was cautiously supportive of this idea.  She implied that if there was any records anywhere that were this directly helpful that they could get them.  She was soft spoken and confident.  Nora claimed that they already been some lifting information from secure government, corporate and military sites.  In a few cases they had already given this information either to Wikileaks-like sites or to anti-globalization activists quietly.

Nora said we would never meet again. She said something might arrive for my anti-foreclosure allies. She was crisply vague.  She told me never to try to contact her again.

She left Extreme Pizza first and never looked back.

Nora looks nothing like this heroine from Dragon Tattoo, but there was a similar vibe.