Unusual Agreement

After many years of struggling, i realized that my parents (who are liberal democrats) were exactly the kind of people who needed to change their thinking if we were to collectively have any hope.  And i realized i was exactly the wrong person to do it.  My parents and i (now just my mom and i, since my dad passed) have stayed away from a number of charged topics for many years now.  Polyamory, radical resource sharing, anarchism, etc.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the revolution.  While we were on this family adventure with my mom, we started talking about Occupy Wall St, and my mother supported these actions.

She like many liberal democrats and even more conservative folks, think that Wall St and the super rich are actually central to this problem.  My mother is well off, but she sees that a vanishing middle class is not a healthy direction for the country to go in.  The brilliance of not making demands (something scoffed by the mainstream media at first and still) is that it keeps the conversation open. We are in agreement that there is something deeply wrong with this form of government and the corporate influence over it.

And that is an important start.