Propagandist Wet Dream

We are have lots of different types of events here at Twin Oaks. Anniversary is one of my favorites, in part because it is a principally internal affair, with most of the guests being ex-members and the closer friends of community.

This year was a smaller celebration (43 not being an especially significant number) and it was precious.  The weather cooperated, the home-grown entertainment (especially Uncle Trout’s Dead cover band) engaging, the food was glorious (see viz Rich’s fabled flame thrower salmon below) and our spirits were high.

Rich viz

uses flame thrower to cook salmon

From a funological perspective, we even had our bonding crisis experience.  For the last few songs of the Dead cover bands performance, the wind kicked up and what looked like a serious storm started to blow in.  Communards, quick to help jumped up and deployed tarps.  I had a precious moment dancing with Mushroom as we both held on of the canopy poles to the ground wrestling the storm winds.  And in what perhaps typifies our collective response, as a handful of dancers moved in to secure the stage from the storm, other participants who had been sitting, instead fo getting out of the pending storm jumped up to take the dancers places.  The storm blew past the revealers partied on.

telegenic entertainers

As i looked around at the highly telegenic crowd of current communards, each more interesting than the last, i realized that the old adage was true.  Kat‘s last book was cleverly called “Is it Utopia yet?”  To which we occasionally answer “No, but on a good day you can see it from here.”

Anniversary was a good day.