the magical Van Buren 2100 block

i am not beyond bribery.  So when i walked out of Abigail’s house and saw a frisbee disk golf store being run out of someones garage, i could not resist.

Disc Gold Dungeon 2100 block of Van Buren

So i went into this shop and said “i need your help, i have almost no information about this field that you clearly know too much about.”  They were good natured about my insulting intro and pointed me towards a gold colored, titanium, discraft “Nuke” disc which will be perfect for my friend prof Bunny.  i want to see him, he wants this disc – we can make an arrangement.

The second stop on this short block which is long in experiences was the local community gardens.

One of the many cute signs at the community gardens on 2100 block of van Buren

This project is something of a model as to how empty lots (or in this case a street) can be converted into vibrant urban spaces.

Park bench of reused Snow Boards on 2100 block of Van Buren

My favorite piece of architecture on the block are these snow board benches next to the community garden project.  [dh corrected me that these are not skate boards].

perfect for manifesting – yard sale 2100 block van Buren

i needed a new pair of sandals to replace the much-discussed Niagara Falls scandals which are perhaps the most commented on article of clothing i have ever had.  Because i needed these sandals, Abigail and i set the intention to manifest them against all odds at the corner yard sale.  When we got there there was all manner of teenage gal clothing and exactly one pair of flip flops in men’s size 12 (which is my size).  For $2 bucks i had to try them.  They fit perfectly, except we have no idea how they got there.

On the way home Abigail reminded me that these blocks are also well known for housing a sex offender, who was arrested for breaking into peoples houses, on this block, watching internet porn and masturbating.  [i could not make this up.]

Roof top sculpture on 2100 block of Van Buren

This artist is putting their work on top of their house.  Adding a touch of beauty to the unusually active street.