Systematic errors

There are a couple of stunning errors being made which have my head in a twist, because there are clever well paid people who are supposed to be catching these opportunities.

The recipe for a successful boycott requires an easy way to switch products and cleear branding.  The unsuccessful BP boycott has both.  Gas consumers can simply drive across the street to buy from another vender and while BP has some subsidiary brands, if a significant number of customers simply avoided their branded stations it would have a further crippling effect on BPs profits.

Why isn’t someone knocking on my door asking me to stop buying until they have paid the $20 billion promised in damages or some other reasonable demand?  Why dont we have people dressed as dirty birds or dead fish at BP stations?  [Tho there was a wonderful action at the Tate Museum in London.]

Part of the answer is that we are pretending that we can do push button political action and click something on Facebook and move on.