Age Limit Policy, Consolidated and Revised - Twin Oaks - 2006

Age Limit Policy, Consolidated and Revised (2006)
CPs 6/22/06

Age Limit Policy

In order to keep our age balance, Twin Oaks’ Age Limit policy allows the community to sometimes not accept new members who are over the age of 54. (That is, age 54 will be acceptable but age 55 will not.) During these times, people age 55 or older may not apply for membership unless there is a special exception (see below).
At all times, the procedure for accepting (or not) members in their early fifties is the same as for younger people.
This age limit policy does not apply to people applying to stay here for short periods of time, such as residents, student residents, interns, long-term guests, or similar categories. In all such cases, if a person over the age of 54 applies, the application will be considered (case-by-case) by the Community Membership Team (CMT). The CMT will make its decision with the best interests of the community in mind, as well as consideration for the individual. This policy recommends that the CMT not accept anyone who might be trying to use one of these categories as a stepping stone to membership.
Twin Oaks can make an exception to this age limit policy (that is, the community can accept someone over the age of 54) if there is solid evidence that it wishes to do so. There must be strong support for allowing a particular older person to apply for membership. It is up to the membership team to evaluate the public input and to determine if an exception should be made.

Turning the Age Limit Off and On

The age limit is linked to the average age of the community, as determined by the CMT's average age spreadsheet (Areas/CMT/AverageAge.xls). If the age limit is in effect, and if the average age drops below 40, the age limit will be removed. If the age limit is removed and the average age then rises to over 42, the age limit will be re-instated. It will remain in place until the average age drops below 40 again.
While the Age Limit is in place, recruiting will communicate the specifics of the policy, as well as our reasons for having it, to everyone 55 or over who contacts us.