All honest mistakes are forgivable

Rez and i were chatting about mistakes, he was mentioning business school classes which instead of focusing on the decision making process of successful business highlighted the critical mistakes made by companies which were otherwise well run and now no longer exist.  We agreed that this is where the most useful learning probably is.

My philosophy has long been to try lots of things and not fear mistakes.  Which has led me to the aphorism “All honest mistakes are forgivable.” Hoping that those negatively impacted by my choices will embrace a similar philosophy and let me off the hook while also pushing me towards being a more forgiving person.


I watch the google news.  It tracks what the mainstream media thinks is important and uses it’s artificial intelligence to connect related stories and rank them.  The story yesterday which did not make it “above the fold”  either in general news or US news was that the anti-gay church Exodus had closed and offered an apology to the LGBTQ community it had been attacking for 37 years.

hiding / solving a mistake with correcting fluid

This is important for a bunch of reasons, despite the MSM not promoting it highly.  It is an indication that even the most staunch conservative groups are unable to hold onto their homophobic views.  it is further proof that the demographics in the US are shifting and that the fear which has been experienced by those who had highly limited exposure to queer lifestyle is being replaced by direct experience of people with these sexual orientations which leads them to compassion.

Let’s hope the Supreme Court is listening.