Threads and Transparency


by Paxus

Borrowing from other clever events, we are going to run several "threads" at this year's conference. These are clusters of workshops on related topics happening at different times, so that people interested in the theme of the thread won't miss out. This year's threads will be:

* Diversity in Community
* Sustainability Culture and Technology
* Communication/Connectivity

One of the things I am excited about is a workshop on transparency groups. Several of these groups have started recently around Twin Oaks, Acorn & Charlottesville's Woodfolk House and they appear to be having positive, transformative effects on the people attending.

These groups use tools like go-rounds in which one finishes the sentence, "If you really knew me, you'd know that... [insert what feels appropriate]" It could be, "...I have a head ache" or "...I have a huge crush on Fuliano" or "...I am thinking about going back to school." It's all about how you want to show yourself to others. Here is a blog post of mine on the topic of transparency groups.