Willow is Fire

Our Beltane ritual was rain delayed by a day.   i went to Willow and asked him when the event was rescheduled for and he replied:

We are telling people to assemble at 1 and that the procession is 2, but we really dont think we will leave until 2:30

This was amusing to me. It is the way organizers talk with each other all the time.  Which makes sense because for the first time he is really claiming this event as his, he is playing a staring role in it.  And he hears this type of conversation all the time from his parents who all identify as organizers.

Willow plays fire elemental at Beltane 2012

Almost all pagan celebrations call in the four directions and the linked four elements.  Willow had been excited since last years Beltane ritual at the prospect of presenting the fire element and doing some pyrotechnics to a friendly audience.  He made his two sentence invocation and threw flour into the grill which appears behind him in the above picture, that then ignited in a slightly dramatically manner.

And with this he initiates himself into the world of deciding about which rituals and realities he will be involved in.

willow in the center of the spiral

There is a beautiful chaotic dance which takes place at the center of this ritual, and in the middle of the dance, beside the May Pole you can barely see Willow in the middle of the above photo.

Willow climbs the May Pole

A handful of people climbed the May Pole after the ritual ended, including Willow.

Hawina and Willow just before the procession

Willow and Sky create music and pyrotechnics for the fire alter

fire in the tree tops

Before the ritual, Jonah and Willow practice climbing trees together.